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Asbestos Management Plan

Asbestos Management Plan

Asbestos Management Plan

If you are an LEA DP, Management Planner or someone who works in a school building with asbestos, then you have probably heard about the management plan. So, what is it? The asbestos management plan is a required document that explains recommended response actions, where asbestos is located within the school and what has been done to repair or remove the asbestos. According to the EPA, the management plan has to keep record of things, including the following but not limited to:

EPA Required Records

  • List of the name and address of each school building and whether the building has ACM, and the type of ACM
  • Date of the first and every school re-inspection
  • The plan for re-inspections, operation and maintenance
  • A blueprint or map that shows where the location and condition of all ACBM that remains in the school
  • A detailed description of response actions or preventive measures taken to remove or control asbestos exposure
  • A copy of any analysis of building material and what laboratory conducted the analysis
  • LEA DP contact information
  • Description of how workers, teachers, students or guardians were informed about inspections, re-inspections, response actions, and periodic surveillance

META and the Management Plan

The EPA requires schools to have a management plan under AHERA. META also offers courses for both the LEA DP and the Management Planner. META is an accredited training provider which means that we follow rules designated by both the EPA and state regulations. This ensures that our students receive the best possible training for any courses they take while knowing we are a trusted provider. Sign up today by visiting us here or calling us at 785-842-6382 or emailing us at info@metaworldwide.com

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