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ASTM Johnson/Rook Asbestos Conference

ASTM Johnson/Rook Asbestos Conference

ASTM Johnson/Rook Asbestos Conference

There is another asbestos conference happening this summer! The ASTM Johnson/Rook Conference on Asbestos will be held July 25, 2022 through July 29, 2022. The conference is organized by ASTM Committee D22 on Air Quality, and will be held in  South Burlington, VT. The conference will focus on many aspects of asbestos including but not limited to: exposure, health risks, medical research, regulations, the environment, legal aspects, mineralogy & nomenclature, analytical quality assurance, international & national analytic methods, naturally occurring asbestos, and more.

Since 1986, the Johnson Conferences have served as forums for the discussion of asbestos issues. Held in the beautiful summers of northern Vermont, the Johnson Conference is being renamed the “Johnson/Rook Conference” in honor of Dr. Harry S. Rook, chair of the first eight Johnson Conferences.

The ASTM John/Rook Conference on Asbestos is recommended for anyone who works with asbestos and wants to keep up to date with the latest on asbestos to  attend. This includes federal, state & local government officials, environmentalists, consultants, inspectors, management planners, supervisors, industrial hygienists and so on . 

The conference is in-person only with no remote access available. If you would like to attend you will have to be there. Since the conference was delayed from occurring at its original date, the full agenda of the conference is still being worked on. It will be out soon!. More information will be posted on ASTM’s website

Registration will open 10 weeks before the conference begins. Additional information about the conference is available from Conference Co-Chairs Jim Millette and Jim Webber. Contact them at millette1951@gmail.com and jswebberasbestos@gmaill.com.

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