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June 17, 2022
Saying Farewell to Kathi Hartog

If you have been a student or worked with META in the last 18 years, then you know Kathi Hartog. Kathi is the Logistics Manager at META, meaning she deals with the day-to-day operations and logistics of our training courses. If a trainer has a problem, they call Kathi, if Brad, our owner, has a […]

May 25, 2022
Our Available Online Courses

Late last year, we went live with online courses. SInce then, we have done our best to expand our course options, states we’re accredited in and more. In order to keep our clients up to date, we wanted to give an updated list of our available courses. In total, we have nine online courses available […]

May 12, 2022
Women in Construction

It’s 2022 and the idea of jobs being gendered is a thing of the past. Women aren’t expected to be teachers and nurses and men aren’t expected to be doctors and laborers. One such field that was once considered to be a “man’s” job was construction work. That is far from the truth, considering the […]

May 5, 2022
ASTM Johnson/Rook Asbestos Conference

There is another asbestos conference happening this summer! The ASTM Johnson/Rook Conference on Asbestos will be held July 25, 2022 through July 29, 2022. The conference is organized by ASTM Committee D22 on Air Quality, and will be held in  South Burlington, VT. The conference will focus on many aspects of asbestos including but not […]

April 21, 2022
Review Asbestos Facts

There are six types of asbestos Chrysotile, Amosite, Tremolite, Actinolite, Crocidolite and Anthophyllite. The first case of asbestosis was reported in 1924 It was reported in the 1924 British Medical Journal. Asbestos was first discovered in 1876 Asbestos was originally found in Thetford Township in Quebec, Canada. The UK and Australia have the highest mesothelioma […]

March 25, 2022
Meet Dr. Connie Hu 

Last year, META took a huge step forward in our training program by adding our Online Training Department (OTD). A big help in that was our Online Training Program Manager, Dr. Connie Hu. Dr. Hu has her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy with a concentration in Educational Technology. This degree and her many years […]

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