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How to Buy Our Self-Paced Online Courses

How to Buy Our Self-Paced Online Courses

How to Buy Our Self-Paced Online Courses

Last year, META made the leap into the world of online training with our self-paced online courses. We have all of the asbestos refresher courses up for sale on our website, including Asbestos Inspector Refresher, Asbestos Management Planner Refresher, Asbestos Worker Refresher, Asbestos Supervisor Refresher and Asbestos Project Designer Refresher. We also offer two unaccredited courses, the 2-Hour Asbestos Awareness Course and the LEA Designated Person course. 

Since offering all of our self-paced courses online, we have received questions on how to best navigate purchasing them. To learn how to best purchase our courses, keep reading.

1. Finding the right course 

To begin, you need to go to our website and go to “Self-Paced Online Courses”. There you will see a list of available courses & the option to add state certificates. Select the appropriate course for you, then select the appropriate amount of courses. Once you have done that, hit “Register”. If you need more than one state certificate you will need to move onto step two. If you need  a single state certificate then you will fill out your billing and credit card information and click “Place Order”. 

2. State Certificates 

Each class comes with one guaranteed state certificate. If you are in need of more than one state certificate, then you need to add extra certificates into your shopping cart. To do this, you need to go back to “Self-Paced Online Courses” and select “Additional State Certificates”. Select the correct number of certificates needed, for example if you need 3 state certificates, you just need to add two additional state certificates. Once that is complete then you can continue your checkout process. Make sure to read the Disclaimer on the Shop Self-Paced Online Courses page carefully as many states do not accept online course certificates.

3. Confirmation Email & Registration 

Once you have everything completed and have paid for your courses and state certificates, you should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. Then within 24 hours, you will receive an email from META with your log in credentials  in order to get your online course started.
Once all of those steps are completed, you should be able to complete your online course easily with META. To sign-up today visit our website or call us at 785-842-6382.

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