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Meet Dr. Connie Hu 

Meet Dr. Connie Hu 

Meet Dr. Connie Hu 

Last year, META took a huge step forward in our training program by adding our Online Training Department (OTD). A big help in that was our Online Training Program Manager, Dr. Connie Hu. Dr. Hu has her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy with a concentration in Educational Technology. This degree and her many years of classroom experience makes Dr. Hu the perfect Online Training Program Manager.  

Dr. Hu works closely not only with the Online Training Department but also with Brad Mayhew, our founder, and the subject matter experts on curriculum development. This guarantees that the OTD is meeting its goals and doing everything they can to ensure students a smooth experience in taking our online courses.

In addition to dedicating her time to META, Connie volunteers during the weekend and works on her research and publications. She enjoys cooking, morning walks, and lavender lattes. Connie and her husband try new restaurants frequently.

With Dr. Hu leading the team, the Online Training Department has been able to receive accreditation in all Asbestos Refresher courses in Alabama, Missouri, Florida & Tennessee, and in EPA RRP. The OTD has also made our website fully functional and capable of allowing clients to register courses online with ease. The OTD is now working on expanding META’s accreditation footprint in the west and the northeastern regions as well as producing more quality online courses.

To sign-up for an online course today, visit our website or call us at 1-800-444-META (6382).

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