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META Online Training Department (OTD), with in-house education experts, graphic designers, film and script editors, and subject matter experts offers customized proprietary training programs to meet specific clients' objectives and needs. Our OTD is led by Dr. Connie Hu (Ph.D. with a concentration in Educational Technology) and draws on the expertise of two dozen META technical staff including Brad Mayhew (P.E., MSCE), Dr. Rob Brooks (Ph.D.), MDs, and other professional engineers, CIH’s safety experts, and field experts to produce high quality courses. META’s online training program is informative, engaging, and effective.

We offer self-paced online asbestos refresher courses and EPA RRP Renovator refresher. Please contact or 785-842-6382 (ex.4544) for inquiry about online courses. If you have questions regarding in-person and live-webinar classes, please call 1-800-444-META (6382).

Disclaimers: Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Vermont, Wisconsin, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, South Carolina & North Carolina do not accept online course certificates in your string of certificates. Please keep this in mind when signing up.

*If you are needing more than one state certificate for a course, make sure you are adding them into your cart under "Additional State Certificate".*

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