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Our Available Online Courses

Our Available Online Courses

Our Available Online Courses

Late last year, we went live with online courses. SInce then, we have done our best to expand our course options, states we’re accredited in and more. In order to keep our clients up to date, we wanted to give an updated list of our available courses. In total, we have nine online courses available for purchase.

  1. Inspector Refresher
    1. Description: The course includes 13 modules that cover (1) Instruction in asbestos background information, asbestos identification, (2) Potential health effects, (3) Role of inspector, (4) Insurance issues in asbestos industry, (5) Building systems, (6) Public/employee/building occupant relations, (7) Pre-inspection, inspection, & post-inspection, (8) Bulk sampling and sample analysis, (9) Damage assessment, (10) Recordkeeping & inspection report, (11) Respiratory protection, (12) Legal liabilities, and regulations of federal agencies and state and local government, and (13) Final exam.
    2. Cost: $145
  2. Supervisor Refresher
    1. Description: The 14 modules cover training areas including: (1) Asbestos characteristics, (2) Potential health effects, (3) State of the art work practices, (4) Personal hygiene and PPE, (5) Safety hazards, (6) Air monitoring, (7) Insurance and liability issues, (8) Respiratory protection programs and medical surveillance program, (9) Regulations, (10) Supervisory techniques, (11) Contract specifications, (12) Recordkeeping, (13) Vignettes (Optional module), and (14) Final exam.
    2. Cost: $185
  3. Management Planner Refresher
    1. Description: This course covers topics of all review components, updates for regulatory and work practice changes, exploration of frequently asked questions and scenarios, and assessment based on students’ state and regulatory requirements. The videos in the course discuss the following topics: Introduction to management planning, Reviewing and evaluating inspection results, Hazard assessment and response, Liability considerations, Response actions and their applicability, The collaborative team, The operations & maintenance program, Regulations and enforcement and Recordkeeping. And a final exam to conclude the course.
    2. Cost: $145
  4. Project Designer Refresher
    1. Description: The 12 modules cover training areas including: (1) Introduction of project design and the background information of asbestos, (2) Potential health effects, (3) Relevant federal, State, and local regulatory requirements, (4) Employee PPE, (5) Additional safety hazards, (6) Designing abatement solutions, (7) Safety system design specifications and work practice, (8) Fiber aerodynamics and control, (9) Final clearance, (10) Review of abatement project preparation, (11) Contract preparation and administration, and (12) Final exam.
    2. Cost: $200
  5. Asbestos Worker Refresher
    1. Description: The modules in this course satisfy the 8-hour requirement for asbestos workers. The 13 modules cover training areas including: (1) Physical Characteristics of Asbestos, (2) Health & Asbestos Exposure, (3) Employee PPE, Respiratory Protection and Medical Program, (4) Glovebag Demonstration, (5) Surfactant Demonstration, (6) Mini Enclosure Demonstration, (7) State of the Art Work Practices, (8) Personal Hygiene, (9) Federal, State, and Local Government Regulations, (10) Additional Safety Hazards, (11) Air Monitoring, (12) Specific Removal Work Scenarios (an optional module), and (13) Final Exam.
    2. Cost: $125
  6. AHERA Maintenance and Custodial Worker Refresher
    1. Description: This course contains 9 modules cover training areas including: (1) Two-hour Asbestos Awareness Training, (2) Health & Respirator Protection, (3) Worker Practices, (4) Glovebag Demonstration, (5) Surfactant Demonstration, (6) Mini Enclosure Demonstration, (7) Liability Issues, (8) Local Education Agency (LEA) Responsibilities, and (9) The AHERA Rules.
    2. Cost: $125
  7. Lead RRP
    1. Description: The Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Renovator Refresher course (without hands-on) is to review the relevant and important information given in the RRP Initial training course, as well as provide any current information regarding regulatory changes, changes in work practices, and changes to the RRP Renovator discipline. This course covers the required refresher components under EPA's Lead RRP Rule and it is necessary for contractors, painters, and remodelers.
    2. Cost: $125
  8. Two-Hour Asbestos Awareness
    1. Description: This course provides students with basic information about asbestos and its hazards. Students learn how to identify typical ACM required by OSHA Asbestos Standards and EPA AHERA rules for school employees who perform housekeeping duties. The course addresses topics for an annual refresher for employees who perform Class III Maintenance and Small-Scale, Short-Duration activities (as defined by AHERA) but assumes that those employees have more comprehensive information from the original class. This training does not certify the students to work with asbestos. It teaches the students how to avoid costly mistakes when working around asbestos containing materials. There is no exam for the course. This course is offered in both English and Spanish.
    2. Cost: $60
  9. LEA Designated Person
    1. Description: Local Education Agencies (LEAs) have specific requirements and responsibilities. The LEA can lead the school into compliance with 3-year re-inspection requirements, recordkeeping, staff, and guardian annual notification requirements, and compliance to OSHA and AHERA requirements for the asbestos operations and maintenance program required when asbestos is still in the buildings. If you work within an educational setting, these specifics may be particularly pertinent to your training.
    2. Cost: $35

If you are interested in taking any of our available online courses, please visit our website and sign-up today! You can also call us at 1-800-444-6382 (META) or email us at info@metaworldwide.com.

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