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Stay Safe Through the Holidays

Stay Safe Through the Holidays

Stay Safe Through the Holidays

We are well into the holiday season. For many, this is a wonderful time when families and friends get together and enjoy each other’s company. But holidays can also be busy and stressful, which might lead to being hurried and careless. And this means more accidents. We want you to have a safe and fun time. So here are some helpful tips to stay healthy and safe this winter.


Traveling by car during the holidays is more dangerous than at any other time of the year. You can expect heavier traffic and impatient drivers. Make sure your car is ready for the road. This includes anything you might need if you run into bad weather. Drivers should get plenty of rest before getting behind the wheel and avoid using the phone while driving. And everyone in the car should wear a seatbelt. Since many car accidents involve alcohol, a sober driver helps everyone get home safely.


Decorating is an important part of the season. If you are putting up an artificial tree, check that it is fire resistant. Water live trees to prevent them from drying out. Keep all trees away from sources of heat. Place ornaments that are breakable or made up of small pieces higher up the tree, away from children. Be careful with candles. Don’t place them near flammable objects or within reach of kids. Candles should not be unattended. Strands of lights should be in good shape. Don’t nail or staple through the wire. And don’t plug more than three strands together in a row. Turn off all decorations when you leave the house or go to bed.


Food poisoning sends people to the emergency room every day. Wash hands frequently when preparing and handling food. Keep uncooked meats away from cooked food and fresh fruits and vegetables. This means using separate utensils and cutting boards. Use a food thermometer to cook meats to a safe temperature. And refrigerate leftovers within two hours after the food was served.


Gift safely! Toys for younger children have age-ratings for safety. Buy toys with the correct age range for the recipient. For children under 3, choose toys that will not be a choking hazard. Avoid small balls and toys with buttons or magnets. For children under 10, toys that must be plugged in are risky. Riding toys, like bikes or scooters, should come with any necessary safety gear.

These are just a few tips to help you celebrate the holidays more safely. For more information, check the links below. We hope you have a wonderful and incident-free holiday season!

Sources and more information:

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Stay safe with the Red Cross

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