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Self-Paced Online Course Reviews

“I have done online trainings for the past 6-8 years and I have to say that I got so much more out of META’s online courses than any of the others I have participated in. META trainings are so much more beneficial in terms of what individuals out in the field really need to know. 

I remember why I have always loved getting my training through META. The team really focuses on the regulations and how they actually apply to real work situations. The other companies don’t seem to cover as much useful and important information in their training.

I was very impressed with the content and the overall presentations of META online training programs. The program is very user-friendly and easy to use. The content is detailed and easy to understand. I have asked my local Las Vegas team and all of them agree that META’s programs are far more superior than those we have all used in the past.” – Theresa Lopeman, VP Environmental/Health Services. RiskNomics

“The format and presentation were awesome for a refresher!! The two-trainer forum with questions, answers, and examples was fun and impressive. The presentation kept me involved for the entire class. I have been involved in all parts of this Industry for 30 years and I was not bored!!! I am sure the content is retained better by participants. Thanks so much!” - Chuck Woodworth, EPS

  • 97% overall satisfaction rate
  • 93% of the students found it easy to navigate the online learning platform.
  • "It was good coverage of useful information."
  • "Sufficient video presentation."
  • "It explains everything so well."
  • "They made sure you know the material."
  • "I like how straight forward and descriptive the instructors are."
  • "I like the two instructors talking about regulations and their experience."
  • "The experience and knowledge of the instructors is a great help."
  • "More informative than in-person classes."
  • "I enjoyed the material and found it to be very helpful."

In-Person Course Reviews

“Why use META? They consistently meet our needs perfectly and deliver services in an efficient manner. META even comes to our facility—giving their training added value.” – David Pettit, Joplin (MO) Public Schools

“META’s Asbestos and Lead Courses are consistently informative and presented by a knowledgeable staff who are clearly experts in their fields.” – Kurt Ramsey, Ferguson Florissant (MO) School District

“I depend on META to provide top quality training programs with top quality trainers. Our entry level personnel are obviously inexperienced. I expect META to get them ready for the real-world environment related to our industry. I have tried other training providers. I have been disappointed when I have done so.” – Robert E. Smith, Vice President & Senior Project Manager, Environmental Enterprise Group, Inc.

“After attending Saint Louis University for many years for lead training, we started using another trainer. We found out that META’s classes and trainers were much better than the other local trainers. And in the last year or so, your service has improved. Now, when I call in, your folks are very responsive and accommodating. We plan to send our staff to your company for lead training again.” – Jerry Wessels, City of St. Louis, MO Lead Inspection/Hazard Control Section

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