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Why You Should Take Our Online Courses

Why You Should Take Our Online Courses

Why You Should Take Our Online Courses

In the fall of 2021, we started offering online courses both accredited and non-accredited. These online courses are self-paced, affordable, and easy to navigate. While our self-paced online courses are a great alternative to in-person classes during the pandemic, there are benefits to taking these even when the world is normal.


While taking our online courses, it is your choice when you start, stop, or continue within the modules. The only time constraint is, once you start the course you must finish within a two-week period per EPA rules. This allows you to start and finish the course whenever is convenient to you. Whether that be in the morning, afternoon or the middle of the night.

No Travel Needed

In-person training courses can sometimes require our trainers to travel to you or you and your company to come to us in Lawrence, KS. The online courses allow you to take the courses from the comfort of your home, your office or even on the go.

No Need to Miss Work

Often with in-person courses you will need to plan around when you have down-time at work. If you take the online classes, there is the option of taking the classes over the weekends or holidays. This allows you and your employees to free up your work days.

Meets Multiple Learning Styles

Another great advantage to taking our courses online, is that it is designed to meet multiple learning styles so that you are always engaged and never bored. We use check-in questions, animation, video and lecturing for you to interact with the courses

META is now offering online classes for Asbestos Inspector Refresher, Asbestos Supervisor Refresher, Asbestos Worker Refresher, Asbestos Management PIanner Refresher, Asbestos Project Design Refresher, for select states’ accreditation. We also offer LEA Designated Person and 2-Hour Asbestos Awareness both of which are un-accredited. Sign-up today!

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