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Women in Construction

Women in Construction

Women in Construction

It’s 2022 and the idea of jobs being gendered is a thing of the past. Women aren’t expected to be teachers and nurses and men aren’t expected to be doctors and laborers. One such field that was once considered to be a “man’s” job was construction work. That is far from the truth, considering the number of women in the construction field has increased by 50% over the last decade according to Fixr

Though the number has grown, females still only make up around 10% of all construction workers. That means on average if a construction company has 200 employees then only 20 of them are female. This shows the clear lack of female representation in the construction workforce. One way of getting women interested could be highlighting the benefits and advantages of construction work.


There are many advantages of working in construction, no matter your gender. Construction opportunities are endless, especially if someone is willing to travel for work. Traveling is also an advantage as it gives people the opportunity to explore new places. There are also a variety of roles in the construction industry such as laborers, managers, supervisors and more.

There are resources for women in construction including the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). NAWIC was originally founded in 1953 as Women in Construction of Fort Worth then gained its national charter in 1955. NAWIC’s mission is to advocate for the value and impact of women builders, professionals and tradeswomen in all aspects of the industry. The construction industry is far from slowing down meaning there is plenty of space for females. Having females involved in all aspects of the construction industry is so important. Companies should strive to break the mold and create a more inclusive workplace. To find tips on how to bring women into the construction workplace, check out this article.

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