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Asbestos Management Planner Refresher (4 hour) Online


* You can take asbestos refresher courses on-line for Louisiana, but LA Regulations course must be taken in person.



The purpose of this course is to fulfill the AHERA annual refresher requirements for management planner and to conduct training as specified by AHERA’s regulations.


This course covers topics of all review components, updates for regulatory and work practice changes, exploration of frequently asked questions and scenarios, and assessment based on students’ state and regulatory requirements. The videos in the course discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction to management planning
  • Reviewing and evaluating inspection results
  • Hazard assessment and response
  • Liability considerations
  • Response actions and their applicability
  • The collaborative team
  • The operations & maintenance program
  • Regulations and enforcement
  • Recordkeeping

Based on students’ registration and state-specific needs, they may also see additional mini-courses on state-specific regulations and required assessments, as applicable.


Students’ current and valid certificates must be submitted as a first step to registration. This course will take you through a series of modules to complete the required 4-hour training. In each module, students will interact and engage in video demonstrations and pre-recorded video interviews with META’s experienced and certified instructors. Students will be tested on the content covered in each module by providing the correct answers to review questions that are in various formats (multiple choices, matching, true or false, short essay, etc.). Students will upload self-recorded videos or audio files to provide their own understanding and prior work experience with certain work scenarios to reinforce memory and comprehension and engage with the course content.


Students will receive the course certificate in a PDF file within 24 hours upon completion during weekdays and within 48 hours if completing the course on the weekends.

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